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Beers & Babies?!

A few months ago I opened my mail to find a baby shower invite and was amused (and a little excited) to see it was going to be held at a brewery! I thought it should definitely be an interesting place to have a baby shower and was looking forward to celebrating beers and babies!

When my husband Stephen and I walked into Karbach Brewery for the event we were surprised by what all they had going on. They offer a full menu, plenty of games, there was a band playing and of course, they have amazing craft beer!

It's conveniently located on Karbach street (shocker) however that's not the only reason this hometown brewery got its name. I read on their website that two of their founders began their beer distribution company decades ago at the Karbach Street warehouse.

Also on their site is a convenient way to book your next event! I may not have a baby shower in the future but look forward to celebrating many birthdays there!


- Kate Weatherford

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