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Ostrich Races, Cirque De Soleil and More...

You've probably heard of Sam Houston Race Park by now, but have you really experienced all it has to offer?

It is a relatively inexpensive outing, with free admission during non-live race days and bets starting at only $2!

I bet you didn’t know you can see other live races there too? You MUST check out the wiener dogs, ostrich, and camel races! Talk about fun for the whole family!

In the past, they have also had amazing events open to the public, including concerts & circus shows (Pre-covid).

I am thrilled to announce that Cirque du Soleil is BACK!

The world-renowned Alegria is now performing just minutes away from us, and if you have not been you must go!

“An uplifting immersive experience, Alegria whisks audiences away to a mystical world sprinkled

with visual poetry and acrobatic extravagance.”

A Vegas performance in our neck of the woods?! Sign me up!

CIRQUE DU SOLEIL - Playing now thru Jan 2


> Camel & Ostrich Races- March 11 & 12

> Weiner Dog Races- March 19th


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